“After almost two decades removed from each other’s musical energies, former Dream City Film Club frontline agents Michael J Sheehy and Alex Vald have reunited to craft some truly beautiful, heart-rending, mind-bending music. With an alluring brand of devious pop-noir crafted perfectly to fill the gaping hole in today’s alternopop universe, Alex and Michael are United Sounds of Joy.

Re-convening from a similar sonic locale to the misty backwoods where DCFC’s final glacial shapes were thrown, United Sounds of Joy traverse an emotionally wrought but righteous and rewarding route to a new gothic chanson, where the songs are immersed achingly in an eerie, crepuscular pool of fuzzy, warmly welcoming psychedelics.

Playing a kind of religious music for agnostic star crossed lovers or fallen Madonnas alike, United Sounds of Joy have a spellbinding array of interstellar torch songs at their disposal.”

Anthony V. Gleed

Debut album is now available from Bronzerat. All formats, including a vinyl release limited to 500 copies, can be ordered from here.