“After almost two decades removed from each other’s musical energies, former Dream City Film Club frontline agents Michael J Sheehy and Alex Vald have reunited to craft some truly beautiful, heart-rending, mind-bending music. With an alluring brand of devious pop-noir crafted perfectly to fill the gaping hole in today’s alternopop universe, Alex and Michael are United Sounds of Joy.

Re-convening from a similar sonic locale to the misty backwoods where DCFC’s final glacial shapes were thrown, United Sounds of Joy traverse an emotionally wrought but righteous and rewarding route to a new gothic chanson, where the songs are immersed achingly in an eerie, crepuscular pool of fuzzy, warmly welcoming psychedelics.

Playing a kind of religious music for agnostic star crossed lovers or fallen Madonnas alike, United Sounds of Joy have a spellbinding array of interstellar torch songs at their disposal.”

Anthony V. Gleed

Debut album is now available from Bronzerat. All formats, including a vinyl release limited to 500 copies, can be ordered from here.


The self-titled, United Sounds of Joy, is now available to order from Bronze Rat.

Available on 500 gorgeous pieces of vinyl, 1000 lovely gatefold CDs and the usual downloads, you can get it from here.

The wonderful art on the sleeve was created by Aleksandra Laika.



Order the album on vinyl (+ download) or CD direct from Bronze Rat.

“The Sun That Hides a Darker Star”, is still available as a free download!

Please enjoy and share the joy!


“I Hear Her Call My Name”.

“The Sun That Hides a Darker Star”

Live footage from our Servant Jazz show. Many thanks to Joel Stevens.


No shows currently booked.











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